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Feedback about Modafinil from our customers show that the use of this drug is harmless for he body. It partners with well-known modafinil manufacturers...

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As a eugeroic medication, Provigil has been found useful in helping to control impulsive behavior [ 23]. If you are generally anxious, odds are using modafinil will make matters worse. The manufacturers of modafinil will not attempt to extend the licence to exam doping and there would be no precedent for handling such an application if they did, he said. I noticed a decrease in my sleepiness right away from the time I took this pill.

So for anyone looking to use Modafinil as a cognitive enhancer, it’s great for a short burst of productivity. Insomnia is also a big concern for those taking modafinil, as anyone who has taken modafinil after 3 pm can testify. The most common side effects people experience when taking modafinil for weight loss is insomnia, anxiety, and headaches. The main two are Modalert and Modvigil, manufactured by Sun Pharma and HAB Pharma respectively. Research has shown that the users of Modafinil are thereby keeping it off.

Amantadine and modafinil administration practices, cognitive and functional outcomes, and incidence of potential adverse drug effects were collected following the Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis (PRISMA) guidance. Most studies conclude that any perceived effects like increased focus, creativity, or concentration are merely byproducts of the drug’s ability to increase user’s wakefulness and energy. Apart from all of these effects, there have been several reports of weight loss as one of the side effects of consuming Modafinil. It also seems to serve as a cognition enhancer, improving working memory, spatial memory, pattern recognition, and attention. There were no significant differences found in age and baseline BMI between groups.